1. The Contuo lifting desk has the freedom to rise and fall, so you can alternate between sitting and standing from time to time. The alternate between the two positions will not interfere with your busy work at hand.

2. The Contuo lifting desk is very easy to operate. You only need to gently press the buttons of the lifting desk to alternately adjust it to whatever height you prefer.

3. The lifting desk has the memory function. Users can adjust the memory buttons to two or more fixed positions according to their own suitable heights, which will be more convenient to use in your daily life.

4. The lifting desk is not only simple and elegant in appearance, but also is following the international office trends, it is different from the dull traditional desk, which also can not be moved.

5. Lifting desks are not only beneficial to the physical and mental health of office workers, but also increase work efficiency and make the workplace atmosphere more active.


  1. A good smart desk should have enough space, including horizontal and vertical storage space.

2. The edge between the table top and steel frame should be a sophisticated bevel angle design or a quarter-circle design to avoid the traditional right angular design that will make the desk more elegant and comfortable.

3. TV Lifts and Sit-Stand Desks with its modern-classic design fit homes, schools, meeting rooms, hotels and outdoors.

4. The desk frame has a noise reduction function, and the noise is not more than 50 db during height conversion. You can comfortably use your DIY electric standing desk in an open work environment, at home or in the office, without disturbing others.

5. The smart stand up desk frame has the function of overheat protection. It can stop running in case of meeting an obstruction to protect not only the desk but also you. That is it comes with an intelligent anti-collision function.


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