Electric adjustable desks – originated in European and American countries, but in recent years, with the development of our country’s economy, more and more people are used to sitting at office, they have begun to be popular in our country to let many people have a good experience of use.

Faced with a variety of brands of adjustable desks, how should we choose an office adjustable desk that meets our daily needs and suits us? If you have a purchase requirement but don’t know how to choose, you should take a look.

How to choose an adjustable desk

Most people will choose the electric smart adjustable desks with convenience, good stability, and many functions. Then how to choose?

1. look at the motor

After all, it is by an electric lifting up and down, so the motor is important. A good lifting system also determines the life of the adjustable desk. After all. It is the sort of  thing to be used for a long time, no one wants it to “retire” in advance.

There is also a difference between single and dual motor. Single motor is cheaper than dual motor, but dual motor has better stability, larger loading capacity, and more functions. After all, you get what you pay for.

2. Steel frame structure

In terms of frame structure, most brands of adjustable desk are very stable. It mainly depends on the material of the steel frame. Most of them use 1.5mm cold-rolled steel, some brands will mark the thickness 2mm, but it actually include the thickness of the front and back protective paint on the surface, so make it clear when you buy.

3. Table top

The most selective places, sometimes even don’t know how to choose it.

What is Height Adjustable Desk

To put it bluntly, the table that can adjust the height of the table, is the adjustable desk.

Some scholars investigated the history of the development of the world’s furniture and found that after walking upright, humans found that sitting down is beneficial to reduce fatigue in daily activities, and thus invented the seat.

But as people spend more and more time sitting in office, people gradually realize that sitting for a long time is not conducive to improving work efficiency. People start to sit and stand alternately, and gradually adjustable desk appears. Using adjustable desk has become a popular way of healthy office afterwards.

Types of Adjustable Desks

Non-automatic adjustable desks: the first adjustable desks, mostly by hand-crank lifting up and down; the advantages are the low price, no power consumption and fuel consumption;

But the disadvantage is that you have to make effort to crank or press down to achieve the rise and fall, and relatively thin, and there will be more obvious wobble during the rise and fall process, and even shake down the objects on the tabletop.

Automatic adjustable desks: the modern and popular adjustable desk, generally powered by electricity, with an electric motor to control the mechanical device to adjust the height of the adjustable desk, or to control the gas or liquid rod by the compressor to adjust the height of the table; the advantages are small electricity consumption, beautiful style, good stability, big lift range. The disadvantage is more expensive. However, compared to the price of two or three thousand abroad, the domestic equivalent products appear to be good value for money.

Adjustable desk converters: a small adjustable desk is placed on a traditional table top, and generally assisted by gas springs to achieve the rise and fall.

Key Parameters of the Lift Table

How to understand an adjustable desk?

Mainly look at the motor and table legs.

  1. Motor: it is the heart of the entire adjustable desk, responsible for the up and down for the table. A good motor lifts smoothly, strong load-bearing capacity and a long service life. In addition, the motors of the adjustable desks are generally single or dual motors. Dual motors are more expensive than single motors, but have a faster lifting speed, stronger load-bearing capacity, and more durable. If it is a beginner, a single motor is enough. If the desktop is heavy, it is recommended to choose a dual-motor adjustable desk.

2. The legs of the adjustable desk are different from ordinary tables. In order to achieve lift, table legs are multi-section assembly, which can flex and stretch.

The legs are usually two and three sections. The lift range of the three sections is larger, but there may be a little shaking when the lift height is too high.

There are two types of assembly methods. Formal assembly means the upper part is thinner and the lower part is thicker. Inverted assembly means the upper part is thicker and the lower part is thinner. Inverted assembly requires a relatively higher technology requirement on the process. If the assembly is not good, it may cause oil leakage phenomenon.

Ergonomics Hidden in the Lift Desk

The discussion about how much sedentary behaviors is harmful to the body has been fermented in the network and reality for several rounds. However, what is more dangerous than being sedentary is being sedentary in a bad posture.

When “sitting” wrong, the human body is out of balance, the function is also tilted, long-term wrong “sitting” damage on the back is almost irreversible.

People’s strong demand for reasonable sitting posture and getting rid of sedentary hazards has urged ergonomics to penetrate into the field of office and home, to care for people’s bodies with more intimate and scientific design, and to alleviate the “after-effects” of sedentary mode under poor posture.

Ideally, you should use a combination of standing and sitting at work by raising and lowering your desk, and balance the sitting and standing time according to your work habits, for example, try sitting for 40 minutes and standing for 20 minutes.

One-touch adjust the desk so that the center of the computer monitor is below eye level.

The adjustable desk allows users to seamlessly alternate from the sitting posture to the standing posture, according to the user’s height and standing posture, to match any comfortable height optionally, so that the body is fully stretched in the sitting and standing balance, to obtain a general sense of relaxation.

Just as the unchanging life needs vitality and surprise, the running life needs to stop to rest, the rigid body also needs space to stretch and relax.

In this regard, the role of the adjustable desk is important. It will provide you with a correct sitting posture plan when you consciously want to “sit”, and actively adapt to your posture changes when you are tired and want to stretch.


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