I have been researching electric height adjustable desk sites for a while now, and I have found some interesting facts. For example, did you know that electric height adjustable desks are becoming more popular and that it turns out that they can actually be very beneficial for your overall health and productivity? It turns out that there aren’t many cons when it comes to electric height adjustable desks but don’t worry I will be discussing this in more detail later on in the article.

Electric height adjustable workstations (or sit-stand desks) allow individuals to change from sitting to standing positions easily. They promise more healthful, more pleasant, and productive working conditions for people who utilize them. The popularity of standing desks has skyrocketed in recent years and has become a permanent fixture in many modern workspaces.

But what exactly are the pros and cons of using height-adjustable desks? Well, we will get into that in a second but first, let’s see how the height adjustable desk trend is growing.

The rise of height-adjustable desks

Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, and Charles Dickens were all early adopters of the height-adjustable desk. However, they are a relatively new trend in the office design world.

A study published last year found that excessive computer use can lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain. While some of this may be attributed to poor posture, the reality is that most people sit in an unhealthy ergonomic position at their computers.

Sitting all day may have a negative influence on a workers’ general health. According to Dr. James Levine’s statement that “sitting is the new smoking.” Which at first appeared like a strong claim. However, many medical experts now believe it to be true. Numerous studies have found that long periods of sitting have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

As the “sitting is the new smoking” phrase continues to be used, it’s no surprise that height adjustable desks are becoming increasingly popular.

Another important factor driving this trend is that businesses are growing more interested in workplace well-being. As work continues to take center stage, movement and less sedentary job activities are being actively encouraged.


The popularity of height-adjustable workstations is growing in the United Kingdom, but they’re gaining considerable traction elsewhere across the world. Sit-stand desks have become common in Scandinavian countries, with more than 90% of computer users in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark working at them. In Denmark, it’s now a legal obligation for businesses to provide workers with the option to use one. It appears that this could be another incentive for Scandinavian nations to appear frequently on the top of lists ranking the happiest nations on Earth.

Now we know that furnishing your workplace is an expensive endeavor but are height-adjustable desks really worth the money? Let’s find out by taking a look at the pros and cons.

The pros:

1. Improves overall health

The health advantages of height-adjustable workstations have been well established. One study that stands out is the one-year “Stand Up to Work” research, which was the first longitudinal study into the influence of sit-stand desks on employee well-being.

Here are some of the key findings:

In a different study, people who used height-adjustable desks reported feeling less stress and tiredness than those who sat continuously. Overall, 87% said they felt more energetic.

2. Improves productivity

Height adjustable workstations are also thought to improve productivity, beyond the health advantages.

According to the Stand Up to Work-study:

Alternating between sitting and standing is important for brain function. Staying in one spot can cause your brain to function slower over time, making you less productive. However, alternating between sitting and standing activates your body’s largest muscle groups, which increases blood flow to the brain. Using sit-stand desks has been shown to boost productivity among employees.

3. The perfect height

Workplace design is paying greater attention to providing workers with choice and flexibility over how and where they work. Office design trends have also followed suit. We already have complete control over office seating; we can change the chair height, arm position, and lumbar support. So why should desks be any different?

Adjustable desks with height-adjustable seats allow employees to freely adjust their workstations throughout the day to match their requirements and preferences.

4. Supports a dynamic, agile workplace

Height adjustable workstations, which may be adjusted to suit the user’s height, encourage an agile workplace by allowing for a more dynamic and collaborative atmosphere. Increased standing and movement can lead to increased interaction and engagement throughout the company.

5. People actually use them

According to the Stand Up to Work research, height-adjustable workstations cut down on time spent sitting at work.

Some workstations include technological integrations that make them even more powerful and efficient for those who use them. The Steelcase Rise app is one of these apps, it synchronizes with height-adjustable desks and reminds employees to sit, stand, and move throughout the day using smooth desk motions set at the users’ discretion.

The cons:

1. Giving them to people without any direction

The dangers of providing height-adjustable workstations to workers without any instruction or coaching on how to utilize them to their benefit have been highlighted by Dr. April Chambers from The University of Pittsburgh: Fortunately, the majority of sit-stand desks are quite simple to use. 8With 88% of respondents in the Stand Up To Work study found that they were simple and handy to use.

2. So is it really a priority?

It’s possible that furnishing the workplace will be a costly endeavor. If your current workstations are functioning well for your staff and company, acquiring sit-stand desks for your office isn’t going to be a high priority.

You could buy sit-stand desks for only some of your workers, but this might cause conflict. Why not purchase two or three height adjustable desks for the office and set up a center where individuals may use them? If people like them, you might want to purchase more.


Height adjustable workstations are at the heart of a broader movement to improve workers’ health and well-being. However, the advantages of height-adjustable desks don’t end there. Perhaps the most significant advantage is that they give employees complete control over their workspace, allowing them to thrive.


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