A suitable office standing desk can not only provide us a comfortable office space, but also be an important tool to create a corporate culture and display the company image. How can we buy suitable office desks and chairs? What should we do when buying office desks and chairs?

  1. Before buying office standing desks, you should measure the size and the area of the office first, and then according to the corporate culture, corporate characteristics and work needs, imagine the indoor plane structure, Feng Shui format, etc., to make the furniture specification, match the office area and height to prevent the office furniture from failing to meet the needs after the layout.
  2. The selection of office standing desks should start from the specifications of the furniture. The size of the furniture has a great influence on the visual effect and use effect of the office space. It can be customized. If it is not customized, you must measure the size of the indoor place accurately before buying.
  3. Combining the overall decoration style to consider whether the furniture’s shape, color, function, texture and other factors can be coordinated with the office design, such as floor materials, furnishings, lighting, etc., to form a coherent and complementary overall indoor space effect. Among them, whether the color of the furniture is harmony with the background of the office is particularly important.
  4. Fully consider the reasonability of furniture design. For example, whether it can support the body ergonomically. Different age groups and body shapes have different requirements on details. Does it provide enough storage space in addition to beauty and comfort? Therefore, there must be a pre-judgement of the storage needs of office standing desk.
  5. Another factor that needs to be considered is that the businesses’ good reputation and good after-sales service. The furniture we buy will accompany us for a long time. If it doesn’t work normally due to quality problems or functional problems, it will lose more than what gains.

Usually, it is more appropriate to choose harmonious colors. Of course, it is not suitable for everyone, some people prefer to pursue strong contrast and visual effects. You can also customize it if you want more personality. Whether the function of office furniture is reasonable or not, and the quality of the office furniture must both be carefully examined and carefully considered.


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