Crank Manual Table CTT-H02


Adjustable Height Standing Desk,  Sit to Stand Up Desk Workstation with Crank Handle for Office Home.


The innovative adjustable height standing desk promotes better posture, reduce back and neck pain, a thinner waist line and increased productivity.

Standing desk is designed with a hand crank that be placed on the front of desktop. Load up your desk with all of your office essentials and simply turn the crank to raise and lower the desk to your desired height! Adjustable height from 27.6″ to 47.2″.

The manually lift system with sturdy steel that compare with the Electric Lift System, never out of power, no need to charge or a wire and not easy to meet a mechanical failure.

W63” × D31.5”(Max) of standing computer desk workstation provides large area for 2 monitors at a comfortable position.

This standing desk workstaion is made of heavy duty frame ensures years of use. Weight capacity up to 60kg.


Frame Size

W(42.9”- 57.1”) × D22.6”

Top Size

W63”× D31.5” (Max)

Height Range

27.6”- 47.2”

Max. Lifting Capacity





Black, Silver, White



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