Desktop Lift Table CTT-Z08


Move from sitting to standing in seconds with our powered desktop standing desk. Improve your posture and create a healthy and comfortable work environment.


Unlike manual standing desks in the market, you do not need to lift your desk. Our powerful motor raise the platform in seconds.

You can adjust the height to whatever position fits your workspace best with ease and comfort. Height is adjustable up from 17.7″ to 34.6” with pushing a button.

The ergonomic design prevents “Tech Neck” and keeps you comfortable while you are working.

At a width of 25.6″, the keyboard tray accommodates a full keyboard and mouse with plenty of extra room, perfect for your office desks in workplace or home.  The upper tier holds note pads, mugs, cell phones, and much more.

The Sit2Stand adjustable monitor stand is not physically attached to your current furniture with screws or a clamp. It only sits on top of your current desk, making it very easy to move out of the way when necessary. It can ensure that no damage will come to your existing furniture.

The monitor mount uses a telescoping column for a low profile when in the seated position, meaning there is no extra column sticking out above the monitors when in the seated position. Made from high quality anodized, powder coated aluminum, and steel guarantees the stand up desk will last.

Further elevate the height of your monitor and clear out space with our compatible monitor mount.


Top Size

W25.6” × D15”+W25.6” × D7”(Max)

Height Range

17.7”- 34.6”

Max. Lifting Capacity





Black, White



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