Desktop Lift Table CTT-Z08C2


Fashionable and healthy, as you can find the most suitable position within a few finger touches. It is easy to carry, and leaves you far away from occupational diseases.


Sit to stand in seconds with this electric sit stand desk converter. The powerful electric motor makes the transition from sitting to standing as easy as can be, with no time wasted. Adjustable height from 17.7” to 34.6”.

Sit and stand throughout your day with this height adjustable motorized desk riser. Improve your posture, boost effectivity, and increase your energy levels with the push of a button.

A dual monitor mount and adjustable standing desk converter all in one. Double your screen space, double your productivity!

This table top standing desk features a steel base with a 50kg load capacity, designed to remain sturdy while you work.

We are confident you’ll not only love your sit to stand desktop riser, but you’ll make the best use of it.


Top Size

W25.6” × D15”+W25.6” × D7”(Max)

Height Range

17.7”- 34.6”

Max. Lifting Capacity





Black, White



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