Dual Motor Table CTT- 02-C3-Z


L-shaped wide working surface provides ample space for your monitor equipment and Laptop configuration, Can provide enough space for office supplies.


The L shaped standing desk has 4 memory buttons to customize your desired heights from 24″ to 49.6″.

The lift system contained an industrial-grade steel frame that able to support up to 100kg.

The L-shaped large work surface measuring W(55.1″-78.7″)×D42.5″ .

L shaped desktop design are very space-saving, it uses the corner of your home office very effectively.

Meanwhile, this height adjustable desk provides plenty of legroom under the desk for all your storage need.

Dual motor offers smoother height adjustments, at a faster speed with lower noise (under 50 dB)


Frame Size

W(51.2-70.9)”× D35.4”

Top Size

W(55.1”-78.7”) × D42.5”(Max)

Height Range

24”- 49.6”

Max. Lifting Capacity



0.59”- 1.57”/s (Normal: 1.26”/s)


Black, Silver, White



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