Face To Face Electric Table CTT-BKB


Standing Desk Frame, 2 in 1 Office Desk Legs with Four Electric Motors 3 Stages up Height Adjustable sit Stand Desk Base.

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A complete four-leg quadruple motor lift system with all the necessary components to build an automated workstation. Use a tabletop for each section to create a perfect height adjustable shared workspace.

Adjustable base width ranges from 52.8” to 65.9”, making the base adaptable to a variety of table top sizes. The frame is the perfect choice for shared one workstation. It has a starting height of 24.6” and can be fully extended to reach 50.2”, where each section is controlled independently with their own hand control.

The four-leg table lift system is designed for use at home and in office spaces. Each section has a lifting capacity of 100kg making it more than enough for your personal workstation.

With the hand control, you can program up to four preset height positions for each section. The soft start and stop operation ensure a smooth and noiseless transition from sitting to standing positions. Includes an optional cable tray to help manage your cables.

3 years of warranty!


Frame Size


Top Size

W70.9” × D31.5”(Max)

Height Range

24.6”- 50.2”

Max. Lifting Capacity



0.59”- 1.57”/s (Normal: 1.26”/s)


Black, Silver, White



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