Height Adjustable Mobile TV Stand with Adjustable Shelf for 42″to 70″ TV

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Fits most 42″-70″ LED LCD 4K Plasma TVs flat & curved panel screens TVs, up to 80KG. SECURED TV STAND. This mobile stand lets you move your flat-screen monitor around your home or office with ease. It features four quick-release wheel locks that roll smoothly for effortless mobility. Each wheel has a locking mechanism that you release by stepping on a lever. This ensures that the stand remains stable once the television set is where you want it.

The stand’s height can be adjusted with 3 buttons on the remote , letting you position your television at any height from 31.5″ to 66.9″, for optimal viewing.

TV stand is made of high-quality durable steel with a powder-coated finish. It can safely support televisions of up to 80kg. This is ideal for presentation rooms in shopping mall, exhibition hall, meeting room, schools, offices, and even your home.

With its minimalist design, this mobile TV stand will add a modern-classic look to your entertainment set. It features an accessory tray and a top shelf where you can store accessories like the remote, audio-visual equipment, cables, and webcam. Its low-profile design lets it fit between doors and doesn’t take up too much floor space.


TV Holder


Height Range

31.5”- 66.9”

Max. Lifting Capacity






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