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Highly Elastic Ergonomic Backrest To Fit The Body Office Chair

Highly Elastic Ergonomic Backrest To Fit The Body Office Chair

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Back fabric
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The CTP-YZ-05 office chair features a highly elastic ergonomic backrest to give you optimal comfort and support while you work. It is designed by a professional team and offers a one stop service, with authoritative authentication and reliable delivery every time. Get excellent and reliable service with this chair's cooperative partners.

 Type  Detailed technical parameters
CTP-YZ-05   1018 1.Fabric:High chair back with high quality breathable mesh fabric, chair seat with high quality fabric, in line with GB 18401-2010 national textile products basic safety or GB/T 18885-2009 eco-textile technical requirements technical specifications B class requirements;   
2. Sponge: use high resilience cutting sponge. High resilience cutting sponge 30 dense 70 hard, soft and resilient.
3. Chair back: one-time molding PP + 30% G
4. Chair seat: 12 layers of wood veneer are hot pressed into 12㎜ curved wood board by longitudinal and transverse staggering, using environmental protection molding plywood, in line with GB/T 22350-2017 molding plywood standards, in line with GB 18580-2017 indoor decoration and decoration materials, formaldehyde emission limits in man-made panels and their products, including formaldehyde emission ≤ 0.124mg/m³, thickness ≥ 11mm.
5. Chair legs: black nylon, passed BIFMA
6. Gas pressure rod: Xieqiang gas rod through the SGS test reference in line with the GB/T 29525-2013 seat lift gas spring technical conditions standards, through the BIFMA5.1 and ANS test.
7. Chair wheels: the use of reinforced PA chair wheels, through the BIFMA load-bearing test.
8. Handrail: fixed handrail.
9. Functional chassis: small 17 rest: backrest in situ lock. Adjust the air lever up and down lift.

Arc is the basic lines of the human body, designers use basic physiological research methods to determine the shape of the product, the design of each line, all fit with the human body curve, so that people do not get tired of sitting for a long time, more comfortable, do the most beautiful and comfortable "chair" back.

Engineering backrest, endless comfort, one piece of wrap-around lumbar support to the original solid backrest frame in the security of an additional layer of barrier, the user enjoys the back of the chair wrapped in comfort.

Applicable places: All office environments, such as financial companies, real estate companies, Internet companies, corporate offices, etc.


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