In today’s society, good standing desks and chairs are not only made of good materials, but also outstanding in design.

A good standing desk and a chair should be comfortable and adaptable to the  public.

Good office furniture is only an abstract concept in China now, and there is no unified standard to measure them.

Desk material: First of all, standing desk materials, determine whether the desk and chair meet high standards.

Generally speaking, the manufactures of office furniture materials in China can be divided into three grades: First, natural solid wood panels, which uses solid wood office furniture as the main raw material, are very good; Second, fiberboard, particle board and other less expensive panels are mainly office furniture products at a relatively good level; Third, synthetic wood such as man-made panels office furniture products (such as MFC board, MDF, etc.) for the main substrate. 

This series of materials are mid-grade, and the other materials are some non-wood materials, which belong to the general grade.

The quality of these three aspects is also not the same, such as stained glass, aluminum, cold-rolled steel, fabric, etc. ,high or low, depending on material itself, shortage and the price.

In terms of leather material, it is generally real leather, followed by Xipi.

Secondly, the design of standing office desks and chairs has been praised and recognized by the public.

In addition to the natural and harmless materials of office furniture, the style and artistic design of the furniture also need to be recognized.

This standard is not difficult to understand.

If a table itself is made of mahogany, but does not use artistic metaphors or abstract expressions in its shape and other artistic designs, it will largely reduce the high recognition of the table.

Especially now, people are generally influenced by modern aesthetics, the pursuit of simplicity, concise, personalized furniture design style, and the pursuit of beauty are also a good reflection. 

In addition, no matter how expensive office desks and chairs are, no matter how beautiful the furniture design is, no matter how modern art and aesthetics are, you need to focus on the function of office furniture. That is, the usage of furniture, especially office desks play an important role in business operations, and its practicality and function is very important.

Therefore, the design should be combined with ergonomics and other scientific principles.

It is a good practice to experience the comfort of standing desks and chairs in your life.


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